E-Book Giveaway: Daddy’s Love Nest Part 1

Looking for action-packed DD/LG erotica? Follow my Amazon Author Page for a chance to win a free copy of Daddy’s Love Nest Part 1. If you are one of the three lucky winners, please rate and review. It really helps! This title is available for 99 cents in the Kindle Store or free with Kindle Unlimited.

Handsome, in his late 40s, and fit, he was everything that his profile picture had promised. He greeted her with a kiss her on the cheek and opened her car door for her. His hand rested against the small of her back and he guided her into the car. This gentle yet dominate gesture made her go a little weak in the knees.


Daddy’s Love Nest Bundle Set

Only $2.99 in the Kindle Store. Follow the adventures of nineteen-year-old Marissa as she learns the ways of Daddy Dom/Little Girl dynamics from the older, more experienced Kevin. He introduces her to age play, BDSM, and more. Seven action-packed stories in one, this anthologized series includes the titles:
Daddy’s Love Nest
Daddy’s Bedtime Story
Waking Daddy
Pleasuring Daddy
Marissa’s Punishment
Marissa’s Reward
and the previously unpublished “The Claiming of Marissa”

“Do you like that, baby girl?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, her voice barely over a whisper. He spanked her butt cheek and smirked at how her knees wobbled from the impact and her eyes widened in surprise.

“Louder,” he growled. “Daddy can’t hear you.”

This title is also available for free with Kindle Unlimited.